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Cosmetic Dental Services in Edmonton

Our Edmonton dentists at Highmoor Dental, our dentists provide cosmetic dental services in Edmonton which are designed to improve the overall appearance of your gums and teeth. 

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Cosmetic Dental Services, Edmonton Dentist

What is Cosmetic Dental Care?

Cosmetic dental treatments have the primary goal of making aesthetic changes to our patients' teeth and gums. 

If you have discoloured, broken, worn gapped or misaligned teeth, cosmetic dental procedures can help you to improve your smile's colour and symmetry. 

For many patients these treatments can make a significant difference when it comes to their confidence in their smiles.

Teeth Whitening in Edmonton

Professional teeth whitening treatments at your dentist's office is a effective and safe way of whietning your smile. Teeth whitening uses peroxide-based bleaching agents to lighten the colouration of your teeth. With take-home and in-office treatment options available, you will be able to enjoy a brighter and lighter smile for years to come.

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Veneers in Edmonton

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that your dentsit applies to the front of your teeth in order to change their shape and colour. Veneers are generally used on teeth with uneven surfaces that are chipped, discoloured, unevenly spaced, crooked, or oddly shaped.

Dental Bonding in Edmonton

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure in which your dentist bonds composite resin  to discoloured, gapped, decayed or damaged teeth top give you a natural-looking and even smile. Your dentist will be sure to choose the composite resin which best matches the natural colour of your teeth so that it blends in.

Full-Mouth Restoration in Edmonton

Our dentist is capable of developing a comprehensive treatment plan which consists of a variety of dental procedures available from Highmoor Dental. This customized plan allows us to complete all the dental procedures you need in fewer appointments and with more efficient results.

We Always Welcome New Patients

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