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Dental Education Blog in Downtown Edmonton

Highmoor Dental Dentures Downtown Edmonton Dentist


Dentures Complete Guide to Dentures If you have several or more missing teeth, you may be wondering: “Should I get dentures?” To help you make an informed decision, we’ll answer your questions and discuss topics, such as: What are dentures? Sets of artificial teeth that replace missing teeth A solution to improve your chewing, speaking,…
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Highmoor Dental + Veneers


Veneers Our definitive guide on teeth bonding and dental veneers Do your teeth have stains, chips, or gaps? Do you want to improve your smile and gain more confidence? Veneers or teeth bonding could be your perfect solution. To help you make an informed choice on whether these treatments are right for you, we’ll review…
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Tooth Crown & Dental Bridge

Tooth Crown & Dental Bridge Definitive Guide to Dental Crowns & Tooth Bridges Do you have a decaying or damaged tooth?  Are you getting a root canal or a dental filling? You may require a dental crown or a tooth bridge. Ignoring the problem may cause issues with your bite, which can lead to TMJ…
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Highmoor Dental TMJ Causes Symptoms Treatments

TMJ Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

TMJ Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments Is your jaw pain caused by TMJ Disorder? Do you suffer from ear and jaw pain? Is there an audible clicking, popping, crunching, or grinding noise when you open your jaw? Do you experience headaches on your daily commute to school or work? If you have any of these…
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Highmoor Dental Toothache Downtown Edmonton Dentist


Toothache Tooth Remedy for your Pain Are you experiencing tooth pain? You should book a consultation. Whether your toothache is mild or severe, it may be an indicator of a more significant problem. But, what can you do about the pain in the meantime? To get toothache relief, you’ll need to understand the different causes…
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Highmoor Dental Teethcleaning Flossing Downtown Edmonton Dentist

Teeth Cleaning 101

Teeth Cleaning 101 Brush and Floss Are you wondering how you should actually clean your teeth? Or even why you need to clean your teeth in the first place? Welcome to Teeth Cleaning 101. To help you understand teeth cleaning, the risks of forgoing it, and the best ways to keep your smile plaque-free, we’ll…
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Highmoor-Dental gingivitis plaque and gum disease treatment in Edmonton


Gingivitis Plaque, Gum Disease and Tooth Decay Do you have swollen, tender, or bleeding gums? If so, you could have gingivitis. But don’t worry—we’re here to help! To help you understand the potential complications and make an informed choice on your treatment options, we’ll go over: Gingivitis The initial stage of gum disease that precedes…
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Highmoor dental cavity and tooth decay treatment edmonton

Cavity and Tooth Decay

Cavity and Tooth Decay Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Do you have aches and pains in your teeth? Do your teeth feel sensitive when eating hot or cold foods? If so, you may have a cavity. We know that the pain, discomfort, or visible symptoms of a cavity can be very unpleasant, but don’t worry: We’re…
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Highmoor Dental invisalign 2019 edmonton

Invisalign Guide 2019

Invisalign Guide 2019 How to Straighten Teeth Without Braces Are you looking to straighten your teeth but don’t want to deal with an appliance as noticeable and disruptive as braces? Invisalign could be right for you. To help you make an educated decision and start 2019 with a beautiful, aligned smile, we’ll examine: What is…
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Highmoor Dental teeth whitening laser edmonton

Teeth Whitening 2019

Teeth Whitening 2019 How to Whiten Teeth Wondering how you can get the best teeth whitening? We can help you with that. Every year, a tremendous amount of research goes into finding the best ways to lighten your shade of teeth. This article will take a look at the latest studies to start 2019 with…
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