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Emergency Dentist in Downtown Edmonton

Emergency Dentist in Downtown Edmonton

Do you have a dental emergency? Cracked or broken teeth or lost fillings can be frightening. If it happens to you, give our office a call and we will get you in on the same day for emergency dental treatment. Otherwise, you may have to wait as our other scheduled patients are being seen.

Highmoor Dental Emergency Dentist Clinic Edmonton

Because we can often replace a broken off or knocked out tooth if we see you as soon as possible, it’s very important that you call us right away when you suffer an injury.

While you’re waiting to see us, there are a few things you can do to reduce pain and improve your chances of a successful treatment. First, check to make sure there are no pieces of tooth, filling, or crown still loose in your mouth. They can cause you to choke. If you’re suffering from pain, an over the counter pain medication will help. Finally, if you do lose or break off a tooth, bring the tooth with you when you come to our office. It helps if you keep the tooth cool and moist by putting it in some milk or wrapping it with a cold, wet, paper towel.

Don’t wait for emergency dental treatment. If you have an emergency call us right away!

Have a dental emergency?


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The Alberta Dental Association & College has announced that all dental clinics can now open with a full provision of services. Our team is excited to see our wonderful patients!

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