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Dental Technology in Downtown Edmonton

Dental Technology in Downtown Edmonton

Dental technology has come a long way from foot-powered drills. Take a look at some of the imaging technologies we use in our office.

Highmoor Dental Dentist Near Me Downtown Edmonton Technology

Intraoral cameras

These tiny cameras let us, and you, see high definition images from inside your mouth. They’re great for diagnosis and for letting you “see what your dentist sees.”

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are film-free X-rays that take digital images that can be stored and viewed on a computer. They also use less radiation than film-based X-rays.

Panoramic X-rays

These digital X-ray machines take a panoramic image of your entire jaw.

Cephalometric (Ceph) X-rays

Ceph X-rays take a “profile” image of your face and jaws. They help in the diagnosis of alignment issues and TMJ.

3D CT Scans

3D CT Scans let us take three-dimension images of your mouth that can be viewed on a computer screen. We can see things you can’t from a standard X-ray like bone thickness and density, allowing us to make better diagnoses. It is also critical for placing dental implants.

Intraoral scans (iTero Element)

iTero Element allows us to scan digital three dimensional images of your teeth using a small hand-held wand. These images can be used in place of traditional dental impressions to assist in the placement of crowns and bridges, as well as with orthodontic treatments.

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